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I am random today.  Therefore, this post will very likely seem random.

~ Aren't *all* person against person crimes hate crimes?  While I agree that it is bad to seek a particular type of person (black, gay, female etc.) to commit a crime against them, I don't think any crime is good.  I don't think that a white man beating a white man is better  than a white man beating a black man.  IT IS ALL BAD!!!  To separate specific classes of people to give them special protection also, in my opinion, perpetuates the concept of inequality by saying that some people need special or more protection than others.  Everyone deserves equal protection under the law.  And it also irritates me that the Utah government has chosen to use federal stimulus money to continue a task force that investigates and prosecutes crimes committed by undocumented aliens.  I fail to see how that is worth extra special resources above and beyond resources used to fight all crimes.  I am not saying the illegals don't commit bad crimes.  BUT SO DO U.S. CITIZENS! 

~ I am wondering where the services that are being cut for people with disabilities comes in the scale from least to most important in the view of the state legislators.  I wonder if it is really on the radar as much as things like, for example, changing the liquor laws. 

~Norman Brinker, the man that invented the salad bar, died today.  I think his invention led to the all-you-can-eat buffet and the overgrown portion sizes consumed by the majority of Americans.  I don't blame him.  I just wonder what life would have been like if those things didn't exist.  Vegas wouldn't be the same.

~It should not be difficult for all of us to speak to each other with courtesy and respect that everyone's time is valuable. 

~Facebook should have a spell checker for people to use when they make up quizzes.

~Cops in Utah are learning how to resolve crises using mental health treatment techniques.  This is a good thing.  Maybe they can learn how to deal with mentally unstable agitated people with better techniques than guns, tasers, or pepper spray. 

~ I really should stop watching the news some times.

~I don't know what I think about "global warming" but I have noticed a substantial change in the weather patterns.  More rain this year.  I live in the desert - don't the clouds know that?

~Mrs. Dash seasoning works well on a lot of foods.  I just finished a bowl of brown rice with broccoli.  Didn't really taste very good until I added some Mrs. Dash.  Not the greatest dinner ever but I can only eat so much salad in life.  Even at a salad bar.

~Am I the only one that finds it annoying/amusing that the mdia is making it sound like it is some kind of tragedy that some people might not have gotten a converter box so their TV might not work.  NOBODY will die because they can't watch t.v.

~I really need to stop watching T.V. news.


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I am a blog reader.  I read blogs and email lists that involve people I know in real life and people that I don't know personally but have felt that I have something in common with. 

And I realized that I have a problem.  I read someone's attempt to express their feelings - whatever they are - and think that they are talking about me.  Usually it is when they are feeling sad or saying that they are unhappy with some aspect of their life. 

The first thing I think is "Did I do something wrong?  Why is <this person> upset with me?"    It doesn't matter how well I know this person - I immediately worry that I have done/said/posted something that they found offensive and are using their blog or email as a thinly veiled way to tell me that.  Then I take a step back and think "If they had a problem with me, they hopefully would come talk to me directly."   I sincerely hope that is true.  All of this stems from my fear that people can't or won't talk to me about things I have done that upset them.    I still have trust issues, and still have a lot of work to do.

And sometimes it is not a bad thing to remember that. 


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