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so I made it to the 4pm appointment yesterday without ripping the bandages off.  But it sure was a relilef when they took them off there!!   So a little more of a run-down on how things went...

no gory details, really.... )

Thanks for all the love and warm wishes.  I really appreciate them.  I am doing well, and am on the mend for sure.

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hi, all
surgery went really well.  now is the part where I want to rip the eye patch off my face because the stitches in my eye are taking some
getting used to.  Doesn't get to come off until my 4pm appointment. Lots of Tylenol wasnt working - only one panicked call to the eye doc (apparently his personal cell phone) at 9:45 pm because it was aggravating me sooooo much.

I won't really know much more until after my appointment (in less than 12 hours, thank gods!!) when we take the patch off and see what I can see.  One eyed-ness is a little tough.

thanks for all the love and moral support.  I'll keep you posted.
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As mentioned  in my previous blog, I had an eye doctor appointment last week to see what could be done for my keratoconus in my left eye.  

Long story short (cause I have to get ready for work) the doctor was great, and said that normally they can do four things for someone with keratoconus, but only one thing will work for me.  A corneal transplant.  My eye is too bad for the other options.  So I have one scheduled for Setember 16th.  I am excited about the eye improvement, but nervous about the surgery.

And when given the options for when to do the surgery, my first thought was oh, good, the week after cornonation, and a month before I want to go to Phoenix.



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