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Took the hubby to work this morning, then stopped and got a coffee, brought it home, and spent a few hours doing computery things.  Then I got dressed, made a snack, and went beyond the Zion curtain into Utah County to Arrow's Flight's mystery event.  They are such a warm and friendly group down there.  I have a really good time at their events.  Because Their Excellencies were not there, I had no official things to worry about.  So I visited with friends, ate a delightful feast cooked by a dear man and his staff, and marveled in the wonder that can be the SCA.  

The hall they use a lot is this senior center in American Fork, Utah.  American Fork has a small town feel (probably because it is a small town), and this little hall sits on the edge of a park.   So the fighting goes on outside, and there were classes and youth activities galore throughout the day.    But mostly, I enjoyed the feeling of camraderie and friendship that pervaded.  Something about the Loch Salann events does not have the same feel.  It probably has to do with the larger event size that tends to happen in Loch Salann, and the fact that it is a Barony, which means more courts and more formality.  Not that there is anything "wrong" with that, but it is just different.

Anyway, it was a nice day.  I came home at about 9:30pm and the hubby was already in bed.  Lots of people were asking about him, which is nice.  But it is not strange that I am at another SCA event without him.  

I just realized that I need to learn some livejournal stuff like how to do those cuts, and how to add lj user names to my posts.  There may be an experiment here in a few.


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