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ETA (5/2/09):   This is not a new update - I am top posting it to make it easier for people to find.  Please feel free to skip if you have been here before.

Hi there, readers. 
I decided it is time to post a blog to talk about who I am.  This may seem redundant to those of you who I have been in touch with for the last 20+ years, but thanks to the wonderfulness that is facebook (and other social networking sites) I have found some people that I thought I would never get to talk to again.  YAY!!

So here's some info about me.  Some of this goes back old-school, and you may think it is too much info, but you don't have to read....   If you are coming here from another site and don't have a LJ account, you are welcome to comment, but comments will be screened here so they may not show up on the list right away.  This is obviously an open post since I am sending people here that might not have live journal accounts.

Anyway, here goes....

Ending up in Montana.... )

origins of my SCA experience.... )...she met the boy she's gonna marry.... )
then there was Utah.... )
You are welcome to go through the archives of my journal here.  There are a number of open entries that will fill in some of the gaps.  There are always  more details, but there is also work today, and I need to get there on time.

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 Hi all. 
I am posting a copy of my Kingdom Seneschal letter for the May, 2011 issue of the Sage Advice (the Artemisian Kingdom Newsletter).  It is true, it hasn't been published yet, but I wanted to share this with people in other places as well. 

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In case any of you SCA folks out there have NOT seen this yet....   This is unlocked so feel free to post the link to this blog or cut and paste the text below the line.  The more people that answer, the better it will be.  Especially if you know people who don't play any more - they can participate too.


The SCA 2010 Census is now LIVE!

The SCA is us, you and me doing what we do. But who are we, what do we do, and how can we support each other to make the SCA the type of organization we can be proud of?

The SCA 2010 Census committee has been asked by the Board of Directors to develop a census-level survey that will help us to address key issues facing the SCA. These issues affect our everyday experience in the SCA; from "pay for participation" issues and award structures to quantitative, qualitative, motivational, and behavioral demographics such as age, gender, activities and interest areas, and reasons for joining, remaining in, and leaving the SCA.

Because this is a "census-level" survey, we are attempting to reach each and every SCA participant, regardless of whether or not they are paid members or are currently active. Everyone's voice is important to the success of this project.

This information will help us, as an organization, move forward into the next decade, to identify, address and work on current issues and gain a better, deeper understanding into what makes the SCA what it is today. Your responses to these questions will also help us create a plan for making the
SCA better organization in the future. The only way we can understand what is important is by hearing from you.

The survey is completely anonymous, you will never be asked for information that will identify you.

The SCA 2010 Census Survey is available here:


The Survey will remain open until December 1st. Once the data collection is completed, the results of this survey will be made available on the SCA 2010 Census website. All data that is collected or published will remain completely anonymous and will not be sold or shared beyond this survey's

If you would like to learn more about the SCA 2010 Census, if you have questions or ideas about the project, please contact the committee at scacensus2010@ sca.org [OMIT SPACES]

Please take the time to fill out the survey. The voices of each and every participant in the SCA whether you are currently active or not, will help us to better understand the SCA and enable us to grow and flourish as an organization.


The SCA 2010 Census Committee
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Hi, lovely Live Journal hive mind.
I need some suggestions and/or ideas.

A friend who is a SCAdian has a broken arm.  He will be in a forearm cast for at least 6 more weeks (and hopefully ONLY six more weeks).  His tunics won't fit over a cast.

Any suggestions on how to make something that would fit over a cast and be easy to put on/take off?    I think it might cheer him up immensely if there were some kind of reasonable plan so he could be able to go eventing.

haaaallllppp!  :)
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 Been a while since I last posted.  Not sure what I have and haven't said, so here's a very quick life update in no particular order.

1)  Been working on wardrobe for Their Majesties Daman and Veronique.  Coronation and Crown Tourney outfits done plus will be working on Pennsic stuff.  Pics soon I promise!

2)  Moved to a new apartment.  Got in here and lost the will to unpack.

3)  Been making a TON of travel plans for this summer.  I have the best hubby ever who has been working his ass off at his job so I can have money for all these trips without him.

4)  Been spending a lot of time contemplating the meaning of friendship and how I implement that in my life.  Spending time with some people getting to know them better, spending some time with friends I have had for a while, and realizing that some people I thought were my friends don't spend nearly as much time and energy on me as I do on them, so I am wondering if they are really my friends or merely acquaintances.  Sometime I will look and see if I have posted a blog here about my bullseye theory as it applies to these things.  If I haven't posted about that I should.

5)  Trying to get a handle on the Kingdom Seneschal job.  Way more intense than I thought, but mostly going OK so far.

Back to my work project with me.  More later.
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Thank you to King Eduard and Queen Asa of Atenveldt for honoring me with a Star of the Desert - Gules.  According to the Atenveldt award overview, this award is given by the Crown to individuals who give service helping with the running of Estrella war.  Gules is the 1st degree, Azure is the 2nd degree, and Argent is the 3rd and highest degree.

(reference atenveldt.org/Heraldry/OrderofPrecedence/gaid/22.aspx  )

Fortunately, His Majesty is an understanding soul and realized that I was still in shock from receiving the Court Barony when He was reading the names of the recipients.

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Talon of An Tir has posted his pictures here:

Grand Court pics start on page 16 of the gallery.  Here are a few of my personal favorites. 
 Pics behind cut... )

All I can say is Wow!
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Summing up Estrella XXVI in a brief blog:

Working with some of the best Royals, retinue, and the best deputy Royal Liaisons EVER!!  Made the job so much easier than it should've been.  Not to say there weren't any glitches but they seemed to be relatively minor and relatively easy to resolve.

Getting hang time with a friend over coffee off site and then getting to see said friend come to the event even though it was a hard thing to do.  It was a big step.

Shenanigans and mischief abounded.  Victory laps.  Trouping about the site following Sean (who had no idea where he was going if you ask me).  Lots of love and laughter.  Feeling super close to people that I already knew and making some new friends too.

Being in the right place at the right time twice in one day.... first time I walked up to the Outlands Prize Tourney just in time to see King Sean and King Eduard fight each other.  I love watching them fight.    Later that night, I arrived at the Outlands party just in time to see a whole bunch of awesome Calontiri singers singing Warrior's Wyrd to my King and Queen.

Beautiful weather overall.

Getting to spend time with some good friends from other Kingdoms and realizing that I am blessed by all the friends I have.

Missing a few people that weren't there.

And the best court bushwack ever.....  I got called into Grand Court by His Majesty of Atenveldt.  I was escorted by the Queen of An Tir.  King Eduard called me a rockstar and got me to do a superhero pose with him (video and photo evidence to follow).  Then I was escorted back to King Sean and Queen Nisa who deeply honored me with a Court Barony.  Complete with coronet made by Baron Tighearnain and Baroness Sibilla.  Apparently many many people knew.  And I had no idea. 

Baroness Theodora of Trebizond, OP, Baroness of the Court of Sean IV and Nisa

Has a nice ring to it and means the world to me.  It was the topper to an amazing week.
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I haven't posted in a long time. Since Crown Tourney the first weekend in October. Since then:
Read more... )

Anyway.... I must be getting ready for work now. But I leave you with this.

As Thanksgiving is here, I wanted to mention some of the things for which I am thankful.
1) My husband. I really do love him.
2) My friends and family. I many not be the best about communicating regularly but you are in my heart all the time.
3) That I am healthy and have a place to live. Things could be so much worse.
4) I am grateful for all the love I receive and all the love I am able to give.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.
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A moment of silence for Kolfinna was held at the beginning of opening court of Artemisian Crown Tourney yesterday.  King Sean spoke words of the SCA losing a great woman the day we lost Kolfinna.  And I gave out orange ribbons.   Lots of orange ribbons.  Syr Kian had orange sttrips of fabric for arm bands.  There was much orange out there.

There was a person who came to me and said "She must have been a good friend to you."  And I said "She was, but I am sad that we didn't get to know each other better."

And later that day, I looked around at the goings on and the wonder that was the day and thought that in these moments, we honor Kolfinna and those that have gone before her and the love they had for our society.  We honor them by continuing to live the dream, even when it is not easy and even when things seem to get in our way.

And at the bar that evening, Kelwin and I raised a glass to Kolfinna.
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...  I really blogged, it was about Sport of Kings.  Which means I haven't updated substantially since then. 

And a lot has happened.  I will. start with Coronation.  The EPIC!!  It can best be summed up with two sentiments.  1)  I love that my friends trust me to bring their vision to life.  2)  It worked!!  2a)  Even with being entrenched in the plans for something, I can still have magic moments that are uber-cool and cannot always be predicted.

even as long as this is, I am sure I am omitting a lot of details..... )

More about the rest of my September adventures later.... I have to get ready for work.


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Sean is picking me up in (hopefully) about an hour.  Then car packing, then to Boise and on to Sport of Kings tomorrow.   Looking forward to some time away from the craziness, and hang out time with my BFF.  A drive along the Columbia River gorge.  Super duper excited!  Hope to see some of you there, and get some time to know peeps better.

Reaching outside my comfort zone to teach three new classes - retinue and court stuff.  Ula sent a list that said people signed up for the classes.  YAY!!
Time to check the stuff to make sure I got whatt I need.

I will hopefully have pix and stories to tell when I get home next Monday.  Then it is the final push towards Coronation.  But that comes later. 
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There is something I wanted to commit to memory via LJ before I forget it.  And t has been a while now, so here it is.

At Uprising, a man by the name of Brian Barnum was called off the field at the Unbelted Tournament to sit vigil to be knighted the next day.  Not only was he knighted the next day, he was elevated to the Order of the Laurel at the same time.  Which was a rare and exciting thing.  And, in the "it's good to be Thea" category, I stood court (which is a part of Royal Service I rarely ask to do, but do when something cool is happening).  The ceremony was cool, but is not the point of this story.

After the ceremony, which took place by the bridge just before the day's battles, I turned to His Majesty Michael and asked if he would like me to take his crown back to camp.  To which he replied yes.  I also asked Crown Prince Sean if he would like me to take his coronet, and he said yes.   So I had the crown of the King and the coronet of the Prince laid out on my arms like a waitress carries plates of food (arms flat, palms up, crown on one arm, coronet on the other).

Before I had a chance to leave the area, I noticed that Brian didn't have a gaggle of people around him, so I went to congratulate him.  While I was waiting for him to finish the conversation, I looked down at the crown and the coronet.  And from somewhere in my heart I was inspired.

When I went up to Brian, I gave him a hug and said "I want you to look at what I have the privilege of holding.  I have the Crown of the King and the Coronet of the Prince of our Kingdom.  These are the outward symbols of an institution that we as peers swear to uphold and defend."   He gently and reverently (and I let him because he is a metalworker) held one and then the other in his hands and really looked at them.  And he said thank you for that reminder.

I turned away so the next person could congratulate him, and smiled to myself.  I could not have engineered that moment, but I am so glad I had it.  I had a brief magic moment, and for that one moment, I could put aside the real world and the rushing around and really be in that moment.  I know the SCA is not the "real world" but I like the ideals it represents.  Which is why I keep doing what I do.

I see it as a privilege to have the trust of the Royalty enough that they would hand me their regalia to put away.  I see it as an honor to be allowed the opportunity to help people realize their vision of what the SCA can be, from the newest newcomer who wants to know how to make a t-tunic or what it means to be an officer, to the sitting Royals and nobles who need help with the details to make their reign what they want it to be, and all types of people in between.   I have a lot of unique opportunities and trust from others in the SCA for which I am truly grateful.  Yes, it is work.  No, it is not the "real world."  I am loving where I am.  I don't know how I got here, but it is good to be me.
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....  thanks to Fia....  these are my favorites from her favorites....
Pictures are worth a thousand words.... )
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... taking my first Protege, Lady Sofi the Crabby.    She's on the right, I'm on the left  (I haven't met all of my readers in person)

We will be making this official probably on Thursday night of Uprising if that will work, since that is the next time Brahim and I (and Sofi) will be in the same place at the same time, as well as most of our good friends. 

It took me a long time to decide that I had something to offer a specific person that was beyond the teaching and counsel that I offer to anyone that asks.  And it also took the right person.

Sofi challenges me to think outside of my standard mode of thinking.  She is intelligent and funny, and interested in the "big picture" of the SCA.  I hope I can be a good peer to her. 


May. 8th, 2009 12:19 am
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Big thing accomplished.  I finished the paper on courtly culture and sent it in to the Tournaments Illuminated editor.  I have been working on it actively for about four months. 

Now on to the rest of the ever-growing project list  :)
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So here I am with a very serious case of non-linear thinking.   I cannot seem to get it together to do things in the order in which they *need* to be done.  I am planning for September and October without planning for next week.  Things are getting forgotten.  My doctor thinks I should be able to lose another 50 lbs. by August or September.  My mind is racing and jumping all over the place.

So in the interest of regaining my sanity and practicing the linear thinking, I have come to my journal to make a list.  Or several.   Call it a brain dump.

(ETA:  I know the cut tag has incorrect spelling.  I don't know how to fix it.)

Tentative Event and sctivity schedule )


Project list.... )
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Quick post fromt he hotel lobby in Idaho Falls the morning after Crown Tourney to say...

I love being an Artemisian.

It is really fantastic to look at the people entering the semi-finals of your Kingdom's Crown List and think "Any of those outcomes would be really cool."

And Sean and Nisa won the day, and I am really excited about that.

Sean took Loclan as a squire before the list and cut his hair off at the end.

Bianca made little flags in Thorvald's colors and Sean's colors..  I have always appreciated her quiet classiness.

Fia looke HAWT in her norse apron dress - even though she didn't seem to think so.

I gave Ibrahim the fighting favor yesterday - he is now officially my fighter.   No, Bjarki and I are not having any issues, other than we think it would be a bad plan to ever sit a throne together. 

More later from home.

ETA:  I am a complete idiot - I forgot to add that Hauk Maclean, a long time friend, is being elevated to the Order of the Chvalry on Thursday at Uprising.  WOOT!!
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[[Reposted and unlocked for the benefit of some non LJ readers.  All future comments will be screened]]

So I wrote a manifesto of sorts to share with my Livejournal friends.  This is a very long post - don't feel obligated to read.

Standards. I thinks I gots them, then I realize that when people ask me what my standards are, I have a very hard time talking to them about it. And then I get frustrated when people don’t meet my standards. Hard for them to do when I can’t even identify what they are. 



A bit about my expectations in the SCA.... )
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I was thinking about this in the context of the additional peerage discussion that has been going on of late (and no, I would not like to have another debate about that right now - that is not the point here)

I think the SCA provides unique opportunities for those who are willing to do the work to achieve excellence in their field.  It doesn't matter whether you were the geek, nerd, jock, popular kid or whatever in the past.... everyone has a chance to be a Peer, a King or Queen, or a regional officer or whatever.  It is a place where people who have shyness and are introverts in the daily world can show their stuff and really shine if they choose to, or vice versa.  And it is everyone's choice about how they proceed.

Before you comment that "not everyone can be a peer/crown/officer" I will step in and say that is true, but I also don't believe everyone wants to be.  What I do believe is that everyone can have a *chance* to be who and what they want to be.  And it doesn't matter to me that this is "pretend" - I am not talking about ignoring real-world stuff to "be someone" in the SCA.  I am looking at it from the viewpoint that there are real-world skills, feelings and such that get wrapped up into the SCA experience.  I am tired of dealing with people that have the mentality of wanting others to hand them what they want, and I find that a lot less in the SCA than I do in daily life.

I am talking about looking for and creating opportunities here, dear readers.   They are out there - a person just needs to open their minds to them.  I am also posting this as a reminder to myself to help others find those opportunities when they are looking for them and can't see them, but I can. 

OK - these are the thoughts of a caffeine and sleep deprived Thea - I reserve the right to edit later.


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