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This picture by Talon captures a moment that took place very shortly after I arrived at Estrella and it makes me very happy. 

Talon's full gallery from Norse Culture Night can be found here:   talentus.smugmug.com/SCA/20110216-Norse-Culture-Night/15955130_ZRThJ

I have posted my pics here:

This is another one that makes me happy - my friend and champion Sir Kazimir Konstantinov of Novgorod.

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Posted on behalf of Lord Kazimir.  This is a special battle and is not part of the war point scenarios.  More details will be forthcoming, and please contact him directly with questions.

It is Spring of 1242 and the Teutonic Order rides forth to Novgorod to the crusade. The Bishop has sent them forth to spread the faith to the heathen Rus. They seek to subjugate the pagan peoples of the Motherland. The Rus gather near Lake Peipus to give battle. To stand with the Druzhina and drive the Teutonic horde back whence it came.

The Rus and the Teutonics shall meet upon the field of battle Saturday at Estrella War. All who would do honor to this moment are welcome. Come one and all my Brothers in Arms. All shall be attired in arms and armour appropriate to the Battle of Lake Peipus 1242 to take part in this glorious battle. This moment is a but a mere glimpse and a chance to relive the glory of this piece of history for the Rus and Teutonic alike! We would ask that all prepare kit and make ready to do battle.

We all shall strive to take this opportunity to shine above and beyond. Do all that you can to represent your affiliation be it Rus or Teutonic!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Lord Kazimir Konstantinov


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