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Audio slideshow: Scala Santa
In Rome, 400-year-old fresco paintings in one of the most popular shrines in Christendom - obscured by thick grime and soot - have been restored to their original glory.

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.. to the incomparable [livejournal.com profile] vitriolpoisoned who is one of the most awesome and talented people I know.

Hope you have a great birthday! See you this weekend!

RIF Answers

Dec. 3rd, 2009 01:17 pm
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I posed this one to dukesean . For those that don't know, he is my best friend. So I thought it would be interesting to see what he asked. I expected some challenging questions, but DAMN!

Here they are.

1. Who are your three favorite Knights? One SCA(you can't pick me), one historical and one from Arthurian legend.

2. Would you have become as comfortable with yourself as you are without the SCA?

3. Are the Cubs EVER going to win the World Series?

4. Where will you be living in 20 years?

5. I have the 'Food Giggle'. What do you do that really excites you with uncontrollable giddiness?

long answers to short questions - go figure.... )

So there you go – long winded as usual and I hope it was worth the wait.
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Since I should be responsible for detracting her from her major projects... here are five questions.

1) How long have you been sewing?

2) What is currently the best thing about your life?

3) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

4) What is your favorite period in history?

5) What was the impetus for your collection of old textiles?

Have fun - I can't wait to see your answers.

A bonus question that is not part of the five: Are you having people over to sew this weekend? If so, can I get in on that?
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First of all, [livejournal.com profile] dukesean , I was easily able to answer all of the questions except the one about my "favorite" knights. That one is way harder than the others. Not all of the warriors I am interested in (as far as history goes) were considered "knights" But I am working on it

i am not able to focus or prioritize very well lately. It is making me a bit overwhelmed. And it is hard when I have to do things in such a specific manner not all of which is in my control.

So I revert to the default - making lists. Checking twice. Nobody's being naughty (that I know of) and everyone is being nice. Mostly. Except for... (well never mind. It is the holidaze, not the time for more bitchingandcompaining)


Yay me.

Dec. 1st, 2009 03:31 pm
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I figured out how to make gift exchange work with an odd number of participants. I am not revealing the answers until tomorrow morning when hopefully I will get a response to the final invitation so I can know if they should be included or not.
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OK - I'm in...
Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."

• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity

• Update your journal with the answers to the questions

• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.
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I haven't posted in a long time. Since Crown Tourney the first weekend in October. Since then:
Read more... )

Anyway.... I must be getting ready for work now. But I leave you with this.

As Thanksgiving is here, I wanted to mention some of the things for which I am thankful.
1) My husband. I really do love him.
2) My friends and family. I many not be the best about communicating regularly but you are in my heart all the time.
3) That I am healthy and have a place to live. Things could be so much worse.
4) I am grateful for all the love I receive and all the love I am able to give.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.
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A moment of silence for Kolfinna was held at the beginning of opening court of Artemisian Crown Tourney yesterday.  King Sean spoke words of the SCA losing a great woman the day we lost Kolfinna.  And I gave out orange ribbons.   Lots of orange ribbons.  Syr Kian had orange sttrips of fabric for arm bands.  There was much orange out there.

There was a person who came to me and said "She must have been a good friend to you."  And I said "She was, but I am sad that we didn't get to know each other better."

And later that day, I looked around at the goings on and the wonder that was the day and thought that in these moments, we honor Kolfinna and those that have gone before her and the love they had for our society.  We honor them by continuing to live the dream, even when it is not easy and even when things seem to get in our way.

And at the bar that evening, Kelwin and I raised a glass to Kolfinna.


Oct. 1st, 2009 11:53 pm
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The first time I remember hearing her name was in late 2004 or early 2005.  Sir William Gallowglass, a dear friend of mine, told me he was attending Estrella War in 2005 because there was a young lady who was going to be knighted.  She had asked him to be present to put one of the spurs on her heels as part of the ceremony where she became a knight, I believe the first lady to be knighted in Caid (correct me if I am wong)

Later, I was working on land allocation for Estrella and our paths crossed again.  She got to be one of those people that I always looked forward to seeing, even though we did not know each other well.    She was shining to me - every time I saw her, she had a glow about her, a true joie de vive.  Most recently, our paths crossed while she was Queen and I was Royalty Liaison at this last Estrella.  She was so great to be around and I kept thinking that I should make the time and effort to get to know her better because the more and more I got to know her, the more I liked her.  I was thrilled when I heard that she was being elevated to the Order of the Pelican just a month ago, right before she was hospitalized.

Sadly, I will not get a chance to know her better.  At least not in this life on this earth.  She passed away this afternoon after battling H1N1 flu. 

I really do believe that everything happens for a reason.  But I cannot fathom what the reason could possibly be that would take such an amazing and vibrant woman away from us.  I juast can't wrap my brain around it at all.

My heart and thoughts go out to Sven, her family and her closest friends.  If I am feeling this sad, their feelings must be indescribable.
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...  I really blogged, it was about Sport of Kings.  Which means I haven't updated substantially since then. 

And a lot has happened.  I will. start with Coronation.  The EPIC!!  It can best be summed up with two sentiments.  1)  I love that my friends trust me to bring their vision to life.  2)  It worked!!  2a)  Even with being entrenched in the plans for something, I can still have magic moments that are uber-cool and cannot always be predicted.

even as long as this is, I am sure I am omitting a lot of details..... )

More about the rest of my September adventures later.... I have to get ready for work.


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There are so many reasons why Sport of Kings is an epic event.  I am not a fighter, but I still stand by this statement.

[livejournal.com profile] dukesean  and I left Salt Lake mid-day on Wednesday (with a detour to Pocatello).  We stayed with [livejournal.com profile] kelwinratslayer   (thanks again, Kelwin).  We took our time on Thursday.  Stopped several places, including Multnomah Falls (beautiful!), Fred Meyer for more booze than we could possibly have consumed, a place called The Timber Pub and Grub  which was awesome good food. 

Then on to the site - Milo McIver State Park.    Grass.  Real trees.  We don't get that at home  :)  The site was really lovely.  We were camping in the autocrat camp where I got to know some people better that I had met before (hi,  [livejournal.com profile] shaiagipsie[livejournal.com profile] ula1066 and [livejournal.com profile] khalja )   and met a whole bunch of new people.  They had graciously arranged a yurt for me and an a-frame tent for Sean.  We got settled in and Sean went off to do "movie night", which was actually a class on how to analyze fighting video.    We stayed up late and ran into more people.  I saw [livejournal.com profile] kaz36 and we visited for a bit, then it was off to bed.

Friday Morning:  Breakfast at the Virgin Countess (the all weekend three meal a day really yummy food tavern that they had on site).  I saw some more people I had previously met, and had a great breakfast.   Then I taught three classes.  The first was "Choosing and Utilizing a Retinue,"  the second was "Communication with a Retinue," and then a class about making court interesting for those sitting the thrones and the audience.   I had a great time teaching.  Many of the students stayed for all three classes and there was much discussion about the different points I made.  I got a lot of really good feedback on the information and a lot of really good questions.  All in  all the teaching was a great experience. 

Later that afternoon, I went over to watch some pick-up fights.  The tournament stadium was set up beautifully - two long rows of fighting area with a wide walkway down the middle.  Flagging on the ropes.  There were bleachers for the observers with sunshades over them along one of the long sides of the fighting field.  At one narrow end was where the royal and baronial pavilions were and at the other end was a "castle wall."   There were no mundane things in sight to speak of.  It was really cool.  I watched some more fights and they were amazing!    I loved just hanging out, and really didn't get to any other classes the rest of the weekend.

On Friday night there was a torchlight tournament.  We hung around and watched for a while.  I had fun hanging out, but I was super tired and went to bed fairly early.

Saturday was another great day.  I watched a lot of fighting and fighting classes (even though I don't fight).  It was really cool to see so many people of all levels of experience come together to learn things.  Then there was the Grand Tournament.  It was pretty awesome to watch.  Sean was in the finals, and I think his quote was "I have never been so pleased to lose two fights in my life."  They were awesome fights.  And then more pick-up fights.  And then court.    And then more partying.  And lots of laughter.  And an awesome bardic which inspired me to sing at a Bardic at Coronation (which I will talk about in the next post)

Sunday came early.  Sadly it was time to pack up and go.  And it was a long trip home with much conversation about many things.

I know this post doesn't even begin to cover the details.  I may add more later.  But I leave you with my favorite quote of the whole weekend.  At one point, I saw Kazimir ([livejournal.com profile] kaz36 ) at the side of the field.  When I asked him if he was having a good time, he said "It's like Super Christmas."  And that really does sum it up well.

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Sean is picking me up in (hopefully) about an hour.  Then car packing, then to Boise and on to Sport of Kings tomorrow.   Looking forward to some time away from the craziness, and hang out time with my BFF.  A drive along the Columbia River gorge.  Super duper excited!  Hope to see some of you there, and get some time to know peeps better.

Reaching outside my comfort zone to teach three new classes - retinue and court stuff.  Ula sent a list that said people signed up for the classes.  YAY!!
Time to check the stuff to make sure I got whatt I need.

I will hopefully have pix and stories to tell when I get home next Monday.  Then it is the final push towards Coronation.  But that comes later. 
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here is one that fits my mood - it is cool and there is a thunderstorm outside - a wonderful reprieve from the heat of Utah in the summer....  a little Jackson Browne.


When you look over your shoulder
And you see the life that you've left behind
When you think it over do you ever wonder?
What it is that holds your life so close to mine
You love the thunder and you love the rain
What you see revealed within the anger is worth the pain
And before the lightning fades and you surrender
You've got a second to look at the dark side of the man
You love the thunder and you love the rain
You know your hunger like you know your name
And I know you wonder how you ever came
To be a woman in love with a man in search of the flame
Draw the shade and light the fire
For the night that holds you and calls your name
And just like your lover, knows your desire
And the crazy longing that time will never tame
You love the thunder and you love the rain
You know your hunger like you know your name
I got your number if it's still the same
You can dream
But you can never go back the way you came
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There is something I wanted to commit to memory via LJ before I forget it.  And t has been a while now, so here it is.

At Uprising, a man by the name of Brian Barnum was called off the field at the Unbelted Tournament to sit vigil to be knighted the next day.  Not only was he knighted the next day, he was elevated to the Order of the Laurel at the same time.  Which was a rare and exciting thing.  And, in the "it's good to be Thea" category, I stood court (which is a part of Royal Service I rarely ask to do, but do when something cool is happening).  The ceremony was cool, but is not the point of this story.

After the ceremony, which took place by the bridge just before the day's battles, I turned to His Majesty Michael and asked if he would like me to take his crown back to camp.  To which he replied yes.  I also asked Crown Prince Sean if he would like me to take his coronet, and he said yes.   So I had the crown of the King and the coronet of the Prince laid out on my arms like a waitress carries plates of food (arms flat, palms up, crown on one arm, coronet on the other).

Before I had a chance to leave the area, I noticed that Brian didn't have a gaggle of people around him, so I went to congratulate him.  While I was waiting for him to finish the conversation, I looked down at the crown and the coronet.  And from somewhere in my heart I was inspired.

When I went up to Brian, I gave him a hug and said "I want you to look at what I have the privilege of holding.  I have the Crown of the King and the Coronet of the Prince of our Kingdom.  These are the outward symbols of an institution that we as peers swear to uphold and defend."   He gently and reverently (and I let him because he is a metalworker) held one and then the other in his hands and really looked at them.  And he said thank you for that reminder.

I turned away so the next person could congratulate him, and smiled to myself.  I could not have engineered that moment, but I am so glad I had it.  I had a brief magic moment, and for that one moment, I could put aside the real world and the rushing around and really be in that moment.  I know the SCA is not the "real world" but I like the ideals it represents.  Which is why I keep doing what I do.

I see it as a privilege to have the trust of the Royalty enough that they would hand me their regalia to put away.  I see it as an honor to be allowed the opportunity to help people realize their vision of what the SCA can be, from the newest newcomer who wants to know how to make a t-tunic or what it means to be an officer, to the sitting Royals and nobles who need help with the details to make their reign what they want it to be, and all types of people in between.   I have a lot of unique opportunities and trust from others in the SCA for which I am truly grateful.  Yes, it is work.  No, it is not the "real world."  I am loving where I am.  I don't know how I got here, but it is good to be me.


Aug. 6th, 2009 05:34 pm
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Am I the only one getting tired of remakes or sequels of old movies that weren't that great to begin with? 
I think the last straw is TRON 2 (Actually called TRON Legacy or something) that is going to be released in 2010.

What is happening to the original movies?   And movies based on comic books don't count either.
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to [livejournal.com profile] dukesean , the best friend I could possibly ask for.  Those of you who know him, feel free to chime in  :)

Quick post

Jul. 15th, 2009 01:00 am
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because that is all there is time for.  I am alive and well, but busy in a good way.  Just thought I would share.  I am looking forward to Labor Day, as it will be the end of much insanities, and the beginning of others.  And probably not what some would think.

hope you, dear readers, are doing well.  I am still reading all posts, though not commenting much. 

Bed is calling, now that laundry can go into the dryer.  Work is in 6 hours.  :P

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Everybody wants to live
How they wanna live
And everybody wants to love
Like they wanna love
And everybody wants to be
Closer to Free

Everybody wants respect
Just a little bit
And everybody needs a chance
Once in a while
Everybody wants to be
Closer to Free

Everybody one
Everybody two
Everybody free

Everybody needs to touch
You know now and then
And everybody wants a good good friend
Everybody wants to be
Closer to Free

Everybody wants to live
How they want to live
And everybody wants to love
Who they want to love
And everybody wants to be
Closer to Free
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Why do I care? (The background) )

my thoughts.... )

I would love to hear from you guys.    Comments here are all public - my email is rachael.emborg  at  gmail . com (remove spaces) for more private thoughts. 

(this blog being posted on facebook, livejournal, and myspace.  Comments only need to be sent once, please)



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