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 Hi all. 
I am posting a copy of my Kingdom Seneschal letter for the May, 2011 issue of the Sage Advice (the Artemisian Kingdom Newsletter).  It is true, it hasn't been published yet, but I wanted to share this with people in other places as well. 

Greetings unto the noble and gentle populace of Artemisia.

Thank you to the Barony of Sentinels' Keep for hosting a grand Crown Tournament.  Even though it was brisk in the air, there was much warmth and camaraderie throughout.  Congratulations to Their Highnesses Ronan and Clare.   It is heartwarming to know that there are worth Heirs to the Gryphon Thrones should something.... unfortunate happen to Their Majesties. 

As Spring graces these previously dormant lands and things begin to grow and flower, I am reminded that it is a time of blooming and growth in our Kingdom as well.  In the course of my duties as your Seneschal, I have had the privilege of speaking to many members of the populace from those who are interested in finding a local group to those who have been part of our Society for many years.  Although the specific circumstances that brought me in contact with each person varied widely, I noticed a strong commonality with all of them.  They obviously have deep interest in the culture we share, both the Medieval culture and the culture of the Society itself. I believe that if they didn't they would not bother to contact me, but would instead leave the SCA to participate in one of the millions of other things that vie for a SCAdian's time.   While each of us has our own path and our own methods of doing things, we are all part of the same Society.  Even though our Society has rulers and people in positions of authority, each of us are necessary pieces to the whole and we all have something to contribute.  We can, and I think to a large extent do, respect the things that we each have to offer.  While there are times that it is hard to leave the modern world and its negativity behind, I believe we are all here because we believe in the ideals of honor, courtesy, and chivalry.  In my mind, believing in these ideals means giving people the benefit of the doubt and trying to approach people and situations with an open mind and a positive attitude, as well as being respectful of the traditions and culture of the SCA.   Each of us, regardless of rank, station, or time in the Society can and should reach out to another person and learn about their vision and share ours with them in hopes that we can build a common ground.  Each of us, no matter where we are on our path in the Society has the opportunity to be a teacher and a student, a leader or a follower. or simply a member of a team working to make things happen.   Inspiration and common ground can be found and given in the most unexpected of circumstances.  It can also be destroyed by a careless action or word such as those that can happen when we forget who is watching or listening.  Actions taken by one person can often have a ripple effect and affect many others which can be either positive or negative.  Even though things happen from time to time in our Kingdom that are not the best of what the SCA has to offer, I take great pride in being an Artemisian.   I think that when we take the time to look around at the bigger picture, we can all see good things and help bring them out in each other.  I have often thought of the SCA as a tapestry and each of us as the individual threads.  The more threads and the more tightly the threads are woven, the stronger we become. 

On a personal level, I would like to thank the people who take the time to reach out and ask questions and offer suggestions to me.  I also really appreciate the people that come to me not only with a problem or concern, but also with suggestions for means to address it.  We have a lot of problem solvers and people interested in working through things to strengthen the Kingdom in the long term.   I have learned a lot in my time so far in this office. When asked what I do as Kingdom Seneschal, I tell people that I help maintain a framework  so that people have a place to pursue what they choose.  It makes my job easier when I get input from people throughout the Kingdom.  It is the only way I can know whether or not the framework is functioning as well as possible.  While I may not be able to change things in every circumstance I can do my best to help you understand why things exist.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or you just want to say Hello.  I truly am here in your service.

As always,
Kingdom Seneschal
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