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Summing up Estrella XXVI in a brief blog:

Working with some of the best Royals, retinue, and the best deputy Royal Liaisons EVER!!  Made the job so much easier than it should've been.  Not to say there weren't any glitches but they seemed to be relatively minor and relatively easy to resolve.

Getting hang time with a friend over coffee off site and then getting to see said friend come to the event even though it was a hard thing to do.  It was a big step.

Shenanigans and mischief abounded.  Victory laps.  Trouping about the site following Sean (who had no idea where he was going if you ask me).  Lots of love and laughter.  Feeling super close to people that I already knew and making some new friends too.

Being in the right place at the right time twice in one day.... first time I walked up to the Outlands Prize Tourney just in time to see King Sean and King Eduard fight each other.  I love watching them fight.    Later that night, I arrived at the Outlands party just in time to see a whole bunch of awesome Calontiri singers singing Warrior's Wyrd to my King and Queen.

Beautiful weather overall.

Getting to spend time with some good friends from other Kingdoms and realizing that I am blessed by all the friends I have.

Missing a few people that weren't there.

And the best court bushwack ever.....  I got called into Grand Court by His Majesty of Atenveldt.  I was escorted by the Queen of An Tir.  King Eduard called me a rockstar and got me to do a superhero pose with him (video and photo evidence to follow).  Then I was escorted back to King Sean and Queen Nisa who deeply honored me with a Court Barony.  Complete with coronet made by Baron Tighearnain and Baroness Sibilla.  Apparently many many people knew.  And I had no idea. 

Baroness Theodora of Trebizond, OP, Baroness of the Court of Sean IV and Nisa

Has a nice ring to it and means the world to me.  It was the topper to an amazing week.
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